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    About us
    XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. (its predecessor was Jinan Transformer Group Co., Ltd.) is a professional transformer manufacturer with 62 years of history......
    Operating Examples
    · Zhi Heng, Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. has successfully signed a contract ... [2011-8-25]
    · Leaders of Manila Philippines Branch, Bank of China Visits China XD Electric [2011-8-3]
    · Rush Production at Full Capacity, Work All Day against Time [2011-7-27]
    · Xi Dian Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. Successfully Held the Appraisal meeting ... [2011-4-20]
    · Gregory Anderson visited Xi Dian Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. [2011-4-19]
      Address: No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue, JiNan, ShanDong, China
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